Our group has a broad interest in multidisciplinary areas, especially in the advanced electronic packaging materials and miniaturized energy storage technology. Using the toolbox of chemical synthesis and materials engineering methods, we aim at developing novel technologies which have strong impact in both academic and industrial sectors.

1. Advanced electronic packaging materials

Advanced electronic packaging materials are critical to the next generation of high performance and low cost electronic devices, and they can be applied in e.g. novel substrate materials, printed conductive inks, touch panels applications, thermal interface applications, package to package and 3D package applications.

2. Miniaturized energy storage technology

Miniaturized energy storage devices is a key component in the next generation of consumer electronics e.g. smart card, mobile phone and wearable electronics. We are interested in the design and development of both materials and fabrication techniques for e.g. thin film lithium-ion batteries and thin film supercapacitors. We adopt the roll to roll technique for materials and devices fabrications and thus our original techniques in labs can quickly transfer to production-lines.